Everything tomorrow’s creators need to launch something for the first time.

Community, resources, and a guided curriculum to transform your classroom into a start-up incubator full of young innovators ready to tackle tomorrow's problems.

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Who's building it?

Idea Launch is supported by the Curiosity Foundation a non-profit based in Berkeley, CA. Our team of creators has years of experience working directly with students, teachers, and schools to launch new and innovative programs.

What is this?

A toolkit focused on providing a foundation for the founders and creators waiting to be discovered at diverse and rural grade schools across the United States.

How do we start it?

Join our waitlist of schools and organizations. We’re currently piloting our program in partnership with Pajaro Valley Unified School District in California but are looking for participants for Spring, Summer, and the Fall quarters.

Current Program

WCSA Idea Launch Pilot

We're working with a group of students and Mrs. Shannon Hammond-Pappazisis at WCSA ranging from middle to high school at WCSA. We're about 3/4 of the way through our 12-week program and thus far students have learned about some of their favorite business successes and failures. Students have researched start-ups, outlined business models, and have learned the process of iterating on their ideas.

At Curiosity Foundation, we know that creatives can't truly create unless they have the tools they need to make it happen. Many of the students we work with don't have access to that technology and school provided Chromebooks just aren't up to the challenge. That's why each student that completes our program receives a modern Windows laptop that's ready for them to design, code, and create.